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How Scoring Works

We at Kellyfind have given a lot of thought to how we score each site. Our goal is to provide an accurate representation of the indisputable facts of the site, and also an honest judgement based on the experience the reviewer had while using the site just as any other paying member would.

We provide multi-dimensional scoring. Multi-dimensional scoring gives you separate scores for 4 major categories: Videos, Photos, Entertainment and Bang For Your Buck. The weighted average of each of the category scores is used to derive the Overall Score.

Multi-dimensional scoring accommodates situations where some categories may not apply to the customer. For example, if a site is dedicated to only videos and has no photos, we don't want there to be an unusually low score even if the site ranks high in all other categories. Our scoring makes it easier for the readers of our reviews to quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of each site and which site is the best fit for their entertainment needs and their budget.

The following are the 4 major categories and their attributes, along with a description of the criteria that is used to produce each score. All scores have a maximum of 100, with a score of 80 being the baseline for an average site.

Video Score

The attributes for Video are: Quality, Quantity, Frequency, Format/Sizes, Exclusivity, Downloadability and Streaming.

• Quality -
When judging video quality, we are looking for what the actual quality of the videos are, this is based on resolution and viewing size, as well as the clarity, sharpness and the techniques used for producing the video.
• Quantity -
The quantity score considers comparisons to similar sites; a score of 80 means that a site has enough content to just meet the average of what other sites have. This score will also take into consideration how long a particular site has been active.
• Frequency -
Frequency refers to how often a site updates with new video content. If a site is no longer updating videos, they will get an automatic score of 80 or lower depending on the frequency of updates while they were active. Any site that is known to recycle their videos in an attempt to have "new" updates will get an automatic score of 80 or below.
• Formats/Sizes -
For formats/sizes, an ideal site would have several video formats available to accommodate users of different platforms, as well as mobile users. Similarly, an ideal site would make their downloadable videos available in several file sizes to allow the members to select which file size will work best with their Internet connection.
• Exclusive -
Exclusive means that the content being presented is not available on any other site, there are varying degrees of exclusivity - from "Content is not exclusive" to "100% Exclusive". 100% exclusivity will get a score of 100 and then lower in increments until it reaches "Not Exclusive". This is an example of how subcategories are weighted differently, the score of 100 is not added to the total score to be averaged in, it just means that the site has earned the maximum value that this subcategory is allotted.
• Downloadability -
For downloadability, we are looking for a site to have several downloading options for not only file formats, but video clip lengths and sizes as well. An ideal site will give any member the capability to choose the video format, clip length and size in megabytes that will be best for them.
• Streaming -
The streaming attribute is reserved only for this type of video and the score will reflect the quality, size and playback quality for these videos. We are looking for high quality streaming video that plays smoothly, downloads quickly and allows you to jump ahead in the video if you wish. A site with no streaming video will automatically receive a score of 76, to reward sites that do have streaming video, which will get a streaming score of at least 80.
Photo Score

Photo scoring is similar to Video scoring. The attributes are: Quality, Quantity, Frequency, Sizes, Exclusivity and Downloadability.

• Quality -
The quality of the photos are judged on clarity, resolution and overall quality of the subject matter, lighting techniques and camera skills are also a factor.
• Quantity -
When it comes to quantity of photos, we are looking for a generous portion for each update as well as a solid archive of content that is in line with how long the site has been updating. A newer site with less updates can have a somewhat higher score if the updates do contain a fair amount of photos.
• Frequency -
The photo frequency score is based on how often the site updates, with some consideration given to what would be considered normal or average, based on samples taken from similar sites. If a site is no longer updating, it will automatically receive a score that is below average; this allows other sites that currently update to still receive an average score. For the size attribute, we are looking for large, clean images that comparable in size to what would be considered a standard, based on comps from similar sites.
• Exclusivity -
Photo exclusivity means that the content being presented is not available on any other site. There are varying degrees of exclusivity - from "Content is not exclusive" to "100% Exclusive". 100% exclusivity will get a score of 100 and then lower in increments until it reaches "Not Exclusive".
• Downloadability -
There are several ways to determine the downloadability of the photos, ideally there should be a minimum of a zip downloadable file and the option to "drag and drop" the photos from a slideshow or thumbnails. The score can increase if there are more options for varying sizes of photos that can be downloaded.
E! Score

The Entertainment score is based more on judgement than the other categories that more hard metrics to consider. The attributes are Performance, Execution, Originality, Navigation and Design.

• Performance -
The performance score takes into consideration the actual performers/performance and how well they make the scene. Obviously, eager participants who can make the scene fun, sexy and believable will score higher in this category.
• Execution -
Execution is based on the overall success of not only the scenes, but the site as well. Higher scores will be given to those sites that can maintain a high level of entertainment and keep the member interested in the content.
• Originality -
Originality is scored in comparison to similar sites of the same genre, as well as the overall originality of the entire subject matter. A site will always score higher, even in a very common category if they are able to set themselves apart or offer something in the way of content or theme that others cannot.
• Navigation -
The navigation score is based on how easily one can move around the site and how efficient and pleasant the surfing experience is. A site that is set up for easy navigation will be free from clutter or distracting ads to other sites. It will provide easy access to the primary content and offers sufficient search tools or navigational features to aid in the experience the member will have.
• Design -
When it comes to the design of the site, we look for is something that is pleasing to the eyes and aids in the theme. Higher scores will be awarded to those who have an appropriate design for their content, and are able to maintain that theme throughout the tour and the members area. Cookie cutter designed sites and those that don't maintain consistency throughout all areas of the site will more than likely be scored average or below average.
BFYB Score

The last category is Bang For Your Buck. This is an assessment of how much value you will get from the site in relation to how much it costs.

• Overall Value -
There are several factors that are considered for this score - actual cost, quantity of content, level of quality overall and any extras that are included. Higher scoring sites will have gone above and beyond what could be considered the normal or minimum of what is expected out of them. Personality sites that offer more in terms of interaction from the model will score higher. Any site that offers an abundance of content will score higher as long as the quality is consistent and the price point remains reasonable. Sites are expected to stand on their own to earn any Bang For Your Buck score, but the addition of bonus sites or an exceptionally low membership cost can help to raise this score. Bang For Your Buck is based on what we feel is a reasonable price for what the site offers and the score will be raised or lowered depending on shortcomings or additional content.
Overall Score

The Overall Score (aka Final Score) is the weighted average of each of the sub-scores: Video, Photo, and Entertainment and Bang For Your Buck.

Our scoring system is designed to give you a detailed look at where a site excels or falls short, based on both our unbiased opinions and on the factual metrics of each site. The scores are broken down into major categories to allow you to overlook certain areas that you may not be interested in, but still give you a reference for the areas that will determine if this site is the right fit for you.

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